SK Hynix announced on the 20th that it will hold an “AI Challenge for Biodiversity” using artificial intelligence (AI).

According to SK Hynix, the competition, which will be held with Microsoft and the Forest and Sharing Foundation, will award a total of 26 million won in prize money for novel ideas that can preserve biodiversity. In the future, it will expand to biodiversity forums involving various stakeholders to continue in-depth discussions.

Applications for participation can be made through a separate competition platform, and individual or team of civic scientists (up to 5 people) who wish to participate can apply by the 30th.

The competition will be operated as a “data analysis league” that derives AI analysis results based on ecosystem observation data and an “idea proposal league” that freely proposes ideas for biodiversity conservation without data analysis capabilities.

The former is a method of deriving implications by creating an analysis model necessary for responding to climate change and preserving biodiversity through predictive analysis, and the latter is a method of proposing innovative ideas such as climate change-related policy improvement and service models.

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