Artificial intelligence (AI) startup AIomics announced on the 4th that it has obtained a “confirmation of venture investment-type venture companies.”

The venture company confirmation system organized by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups consists of a total of four types: innovative growth type, venture investment type, R&D type, and preliminary start-up type. The venture investment type is a system that finds and supports companies with excellent technological innovation and business growth. The standard requirement is that the total amount of investment attracted from eligible investment institutions should be more than 50 million won and the total amount of investment among capital should be more than 10%.

No-coding AI,” which is being developed by AI Inomis, is a natural language/no-code-based AI consulting tool that allows practitioners with data to develop AI themselves, and will provide open beta services in November.

“No-coding AI” recommends and creates AI models suitable for text input and voice recognition, so you can easily create AI without development knowledge. Its strength is that coding is not required, so it can be easily modified and customized.

“The certification of venture companies is the result of continuously making efforts to develop products to popularize AI,” said Kim Si-won, CEO of AI Innovation. “We will do our best to make AI services easy without incurring high costs.”

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