Although the concept of bad customer behavior differs greatly depending on whether the attitude or behavior is intentional among prior researchers,

The concept that is typically used in many previous studies is the concept revealed in the study of Lovelock (1994).

Customers who intentionally interfere with the service and negatively affect the service company, service personnel, and other customers

Defined as ‘jaycustomer’
This term is currently used a lot among researchers to express bad customer behavior.

It is a customer behavior that confuses services by intentionally or accidentally affecting the service organization and other customers at the service point of contact.

In order for customers to meet their personal financial or non-monetary interests or desires at the contact point of service companies

It was defined as behavior that causes psychological or physical harm, burden and stress to service organizations, service personnel, and other customers.

In particular, research on the effects of bad customer behavior related to research on employees of service companies
As a result of examining the negative emotions of hotel service workers, there was a significant effect
has been confirmed

A study was conducted on the effect of bad customer behavior of casino customers on emotional dissonance and emotional labor strategy in the casino service industry.

has been shown to affect

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