As the quarantine authorities establish the “COVID-19 Big Data Platform,” they will simultaneously promote the establishment of data for the public and research purposes.

The Central Disease Control Headquarters announced on the 19th that it will simultaneously push for the construction of data in the form of non-identification and alias for internal and external research analysis in the form of dashboards.

By December this year, after linking and purifying COVID-19 information, it will be expanded to other infectious diseases

It plans to establish a big data platform for all infectious diseases by 2024.

Previously, the government gathered patient information and medical information distributed in various information systems

It announced a plan to integrate and link it with ‘Big Data Platform’ within this year.

Information scattered in each system, such as infectious disease patients (confirmed) and vaccination information, is linked

The goal is to lay the foundation for in-depth research on infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

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