Companies are busy to secure core development talent even in the cold weather of the startup investment market. This is because more and more companies use this time when they have to prove to the market with a stable business model as an opportunity to hire and train talented people with high growth potential.

Services that strengthen developers’ capabilities so that it is not unreasonable to put them into practice, platforms that link companies and developers with high matching rates, and leading companies that cultivate direct development talent are emerging.

According to related industries on the 11th, “Port 99,” operated by Team Sparta, is a recruitment platform that allows large-scale new developers to be supported and easily managed without complicated procedures. Partners who use Port99 can easily check their resumes by job and skill stack without downloading them separately.

Corporate members who use Port 99 can check the first applicant within 10 minutes after uploading the recruitment notice. On average, each company receives more than 20 job applications. Currently, more than 700 companies, from Series A startups to Kakao Ventures Family, Toss, Today’s House, and Woowa Brothers, are joining as Port99 corporate members.

Some companies directly train developers based on the solid capabilities of IT companies. Woowa Brothers, the operator of “Baedal Minjok,” introduced the developer training program Woowa Tech Course in 2019 to expand the base of program developers. The recruitment-linked program “Elegant Tech Camp” is also in operation. In addition to technical capabilities, team projects allow developers to have necessary communication capabilities.

The training is a 10-week course. It starts from the basics of programming and continues to the advanced process. Non-majors can also understand programming languages and learn, maintain, and manage application development formulas. The training is conducted in two ways: a webback end and a web front end. The entire education cost for the class is borne by the elegant brothers.

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