The Busan Metropolitan Government announced on the 9th that it will hold COMEUP VIP Conference in Busan, a network venue for global investors who will lead the future, and promising start-ups in Busan, at 2 p.m. on the 11th at The Bay 101 Marine Hall in Haeundae-gu.

The VIP conference, the last event of Busan, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups’ Come-up 2022, was designed to help prominent speakers lead the overseas start-up ecosystem to present the ecosystem vision of local startups and to become global startups through networking with local start-ups, the city explained.

In the keynote speech at the conference on how to revitalize the local startup ecosystem, Mike Kim, CEO of Google Startup Asia-Pacific, who has overseas partner networks in 125 countries and attracted $250 million in investment, will give a lecture on “support for global expansion for startups.

In addition, Klaus Vuhage, CEO of 10X Innovation Lab, which operates Silicon Valley’s innovative management mentoring program “10X” and the benchmarking mentoring program “Global Class” of successful companies around the world, will present a global entry strategy under the theme of “Global Entry Strategy of Local Startups.”

Then, Eum Je-hoon, CEO of GFT Ventures, who jointly established Translink Capital, an early-stage venture capital company, will present the “global strategy for Korean startups.”

Park Jin-seok, a city financial start-up policy officer, said, “We hope this event, which is a venue for communication and exchange with global leaders who lead industrial trends, will promote Busan’s startup ecosystem and pave the way for promising startups in the region to advance overseas.”

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