Hexlant, a virtual asset company, announced on the 2nd that it has commercialized the web 3.0 gaming wallet technology in the fitness reward app Snickers (SNKRZ).

Fitness Reward App Sneakers (SNKRZ) is a so-called M2E service company that ranks first in the popularity ranking of Apple’s App Store and second in the popularity ranking of Google Play. It recently activated user compensation in multi-chain through Hexlant Octet and recently completed the WeMix 3.0 update.

An official from SNKRZ said, “This surge in popularity is due to the newly updated open mode at the end of October.”

Open mode is a function that anyone can easily receive compensation through exercise such as walking, running, and cycling without NFT. If you choose shoes that are provided for free after a simple subscription and exercise, you can receive points according to the exercise time, and the points you receive can be used to apply for a draw in the sneakers app or can be withdrawn in cash if it exceeds a certain amount.

Through mutual technology collaboration, Hexlant and Sneakers provide users with technologies and services that can easily encrypt and recover user wallets within M2E services, and are creating cases where various multi-block chains can be applied to one service such as Clayton, Polygon, and Ethereum.

“We will create web3 cases that users can enjoy offline through cooperation with sneakers,” said Ryu Chun, vice president of Hexland. “The compensation system that connects users’ activities will grow into a new utility service.”

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