Cypully’s Strategic Business Agreement with Fashion Tech Company Avocado

Cyperly, a global NFT marketplace launched by Lambda256, a blockchain company, has signed a strategic business agreement with fashion tech company Avocado.

Cypully is planning to explore the global fashion NFT market by collaborating with avocado.

Cypully is a curation-based NFT marketplace and is collaborating with leading global brands such as art and fashion along with subculture areas such as games, figures, and animation.

It plans to produce differentiated high-quality NFT products that can be easily used by anyone such as “Live NFT” by utilizing Luniverse blockchain technology, and support all major mainnets such as Ethereum and Solarna by using Luniverse’s multi-chain bridge function.

In addition, it is developed based on Lambda256’s BaaS platform Luniverse, so anyone can use the service for free without gas costs (a kind of network fee), and NFT can be easily traded by credit card payment without a separate wallet.

Avocado is a fashion tech startup founded in February last year by professional designers and former players from the game, IT, and fashion industries from both Korea and Japan.

Taking full advantage of the strengths of developers from the game industry who are familiar with large-scale real-time data processing, they implemented taste analysis and recommendation functions using AI (Artificial Intelligence) in a short period of time.

It aims to provide a new and convenient shopping experience by combining fashion and state-of-the-art technology.

Cypully plans to launch a service that connects NFT to real fashion products through a strategic business agreement with Avocado.

With limited edition real pre-purchase rights included in the digital NFT, Cypally Marketplace’s stores will be able to provide both digital and real assets to fans.

In addition to Cypuli’s global IP curation marketplace and its own studio-based high-quality 3DNFT production capabilities, the two companies will explore the global fashion market through Avocado’s high-end clothing self-production technology and international delivery synergy.

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