CLION (CEO Park Yoon-ji), a cloud company, announced that its “deep learning-based natural language AI technology” was finally selected for the “Start-up Growth Technology Development Project” organized by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

The “Start-up Growth Technology Development Project” is a government project to promote early growth of technology start-ups through R&D support from promising startups with technology capabilities, and Clyon Co., Ltd. will receive 120 million won in R&D funding, the largest amount of support, for a year.

Clion’s deep learning-based AI chatbot technology, which has been recognized for the value and capabilities of AI and big data technologies in the start-up growth technology development project, is being developed by ABC Lab (AI, Big Data, Cloud Laboratory).

The core of the natural language deep learning-based AI chatbot research project has dramatically improved the learning data acquisition and learning procedures by utilizing machine reading and data augmentation techniques, which were the biggest obstacles to the introduction of existing chatbots.

Therefore, it has special advantages in that it has secured economic feasibility and scalability in the natural language AI field by reducing time and cost in introducing AI chatbots based on natural language deep learning without expertise.

“In the future, all applications will be combined into cloud, data, and AI, and Clion’s goal is to lead customer services to maximize cloud utilization by securing cloud service capabilities, cloud native application deployment capabilities, and core AI/data technologies,” said CEO Park Yoon-ji.

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