Digital test reports that prevent forgery and alteration by applying blockchain technology will be introduced.

The Korea Institute of Chemical Convergence Testing (KTR) and the Korea Trade Information and Communication (KTNET) announced on the 29th that they signed a business agreement to issue and distribute digital test reports at KTR headquarters in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province.

Product test certification is a quality verification process that must be done for domestic distribution and import and export, and so far, it has been issued only with paper certificates, delaying transactions and making it difficult to use data.

However, KTR plans to improve the efficiency of the test report issuance process by introducing an online digital test report issuance system through this cooperation with KTNET.

In particular, it is expected that forgery and alteration can be prevented by applying a security system using blockchain technology.

Digital reports issued by KTR can be stored in the electronic document wallet established with KTNET in real time and submitted in the form of digital documents to institutions and companies that need to verify certificates.

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