According to Coin Telegraph on the 8th (local time), core programmers set a tentative deadline of March 2023 for Ethereum’s Shanghai hard fork at the 151st Ethereum Core Developers Conference.

Developers will also release an Ethereum Improvement Protocol (EIP) 4844 upgrade that introduces Protodank Harding into the network, with the goal of May or June 2023.

The expected merger upgrade of equity proof, The Merge, was completed on September 15, but the Ethereum beacon chain is currently locked with staked Ethereum (stETH). The token was created by decentralized financial protocol Lido, which circulates about 3.5 million stETH ($4.48 billion).
After the Shanghai upgrade, stETH users can withdraw funds with appropriate betting compensation to verify network transactions.

The Ethereum Foundation said, “We organized the upgrade in this way to simplify and maximize the focus on successful conversion of equity proof.”

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