Finger (163730), a financial fintech company, announced on the 30th that it has prepared a roadmap for the “blockchain-based patent irreplaceable token (NFT) trading platform service business” and is working on building a platform in earnest.

Finger was selected as a pilot operator for the “blockchain pilot and spread project in the public sector through the development of new platforms and services using blockchain technology” organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) in July.

Blockchain-based patent NFT trading platform conceptual diagram

Since January, Finger has formed a TFT (TFT) for the intellectual property NFT project with BizModeline, a BM development company, and the project has gained momentum as it was selected as a pilot operator.

This project is to establish a platform for issuing and trading intellectual property rights NFTs under a reliable environment by utilizing NFT and blockchain technology. It plans to create a new intellectual property trading market and revitalize a stagnant NFT market by combining intangible assets such as patents and verifiable digital ownership, and is also considering effective business linkage with the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Seo Young-joon, director of Finger Technology Research Institute, said, “We are focusing on developing new concept products that combine patents and digital artwork by separately establishing issuing and regulating reliable intellectual property NFTs with the launch of open beta services in early November.”

Finger will form an expert advisory group in blockchain, masquerade assets, patents, NFT, security, and laws to successfully carry out the project, and regularly prevent technical and legal problems and discuss ways to improve the project.

“As a leading company in blockchain technology, we are committed to establishing a successful patented NFT trading platform based on technology and business know-how that has already developed and launched Dokdo Bus, a metaverse platform,” said Park Min-soo, CEO of Finger.

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