Kakao will convert chatbot, a paid service, for free to help more business partners, such as self-employed people and small business owners, experience chatbot services easily and actively use them in their businesses.

Kakao has decided to provide general products of Chatbot Service, an AI interactive interface of Kakao Talk channels, free of charge from September 1st. Chatbot is a service that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to communicate with users in a conversation form and finds the most accurate answer to users’ intentions.

Based on the Kakao Talk channel opened, business partners can use chatbot services in various forms to help businesses businesses, such as customer counseling, reservations, promotion and sales of products, and orders.

Currently, Kakao operates two chatbot services that partners using Kakao Talk channels can use, a general product and an event API product. In the case of existing general products, 50,000 cases are provided free of charge for a month from the 1st to the end of each month, and if this is exceeded, a usage fee of 30 to 40 won has been charged for each case. From September 1, there will be no fee for excess cases of general products, so anyone can use the chatbot service without any burden.

A Kakao official said, “We want to support small and medium-sized businesses to use their own businesses optimally through chatbot services,” adding, “We plan to seek a variety of win-win ways for more business partners to use Kakao’s business solutions to achieve efficient business results.”

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