The Korea Agricultural Technology Promotion Agency’s “agricultural start-up contest,” which has been held every year since 2015, is a start-up support and development program for agricultural startups.

Not only agri-food, but also startups based on future technologies such as artificial intelligence, food tech, green bio, and urban agriculture can participate.

Lee, who won the Excellence Award at the 2022 Agricultural Startup Contest in recognition of mucin’s refining and standardization technology through long-term research and development, announced the low-molecular patented mucin technology and “future plans to show in the future.”

CEO Lee Jung-seok said, “It was an honor to receive the Excellence Award at the 2022 Agricultural Startup Contest, and it was a meaningful time to share the growth process and plans of Puricamusin through this farm party.”

Musin contained in Purica Musin’s Musin Glow and Musin Heiko has been listed in SCI-class international papers in recognition of its own technology and functional efficacy research with a molecular weight 20 times smaller than similar Musin and has been recognized for its business feasibility.

In addition, Musin Glow and Musin Haiko, sold at Lotte Department Store’s online duty-free shop, completed a full-time functional study with Sejong University to meet the 2021 SOP of low-molecular patent musin, and confirmed its usefulness in improving △ skin dermal layer density by 10%.

Meanwhile, AG Labs is the second incubation company of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea’s start-up development program “IBK Changgong Guro” and was fostered by accelerator CNT Tech (CEO Jeon Hwa-sung, CNT Tech).

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