Com2us announced on the 18th that it has made a strategic investment in Content Technologies, a company builder based on content intellectual property (IP), along with its affiliate, Crit Ventures.

Content Technologies is a company that creates synergy by creating next-generation content that integrates technology and capital around content IP. It is currently investing in valuable IP assets and developing differentiated IP-based content and services with various tech companies. Seven music and content IP companies, including Beyond Music, Korea’s largest music and IP asset management company with a sound source IP asset management amount (AUM) worth about 300 billion won, have been built.

social-casino-Remote Startups – Google Sheets content markets such as music, movies, dramas, and performances beyond games based on the content value chain. Through this investment, the partnership ecosystem for the music sector has been expanded and various cooperative business opportunities have been prepared. In addition, its affiliate, Crit Ventures, is also planning to participate in this investment round through the Keinet-Crit Content Investment Association to create synergy in cooperation at the group level.

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Com2us plans to increase its competitiveness by discovering and investing new music IPs with Content Technologies in the global content market, where competition for music IP is intensifying recently. In particular, it is expected that it will create synergy in the global K-POP, content, and performances by linking with value chain partners such as My Music Taste. It will also discuss cooperation in web3 businesses such as XPLA and Com2bus, which are being promoted by Com2us Group.

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“Based on this investment, we will establish a partnership that can jointly create new music and content IPs as well as how the two companies do business,” a Com2us official said. “We will continue to expand the ‘K-Content Global’ strategy to introduce various contents beyond games based on investment and cooperation.”

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