Can ‘Holdham’, which was a non-mainstream genre in Korea, change the game trend?

According to the results of the report, it is observed that the social casino market is revitalizing as a number of game streamers play online holds.

Holdum is the most representative “community card poker” game enjoyed with playing cards, and it is the most popular mind sport and a poker event with many large-scale competitions.

Game companies that originally produced new mobile poker games have been promoting in collaboration with streamers. It is using a streaming platform that has recently emerged as the core of new marketing.

The streamers poured out positive reviews over Holdum.

Some predict that social casino games will finally shine in the Korean game market, which is full of mobile MMORPGs.

The government’s deregulation is also pushing to expand the size of the social casino market.

A partial revision to the Enforcement Decree of the Game Industry Promotion Act, which aims to raise the monthly purchase limit of web board game money(바카라사이트), took effect on the 1st of this month

The monthly purchase limit for web board games such as go-stop and poker has been raised from 500,000 won to 700,000 won.

Among Korean game companies, NHN and Neowiz are expected to benefit from deregulation.

As the two companies have accumulated know-how in the web board game market for a long time, they are likely to stand out if Holdum becomes a popular genre.

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