Perugia Corporation, a blockchain technology developer, announced today (16th) that it will form an MOU with Meta Treasure Island Co., Ltd. to collaborate with the NFT business.

Through an MOU with Meta Treasure Island, Perugia Corporation has secured permission to use Korean animation Taekwondo v Black Rubber Shoes, Dolmen by Murtal Dosa and Park Soo-dong, and Lee Hyun-se.

According to an official from Perugia Corporation, it has secured initial recognition and product diversity of its NFT & game market platform ‘Aurora Hunt’.

Meta Treasure Island Co., Ltd. is an organization established to reissue various existing cultural contents as a new NFT according to the trend of the times, led by the Bucheon Cultural Center located in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do.

It is a joint agreement with 20 representative artists other than the cartoon museum, the Comics Promotion Agency, the Webtoon Education Association, and Taekwondo v, and is currently planning an offline exhibition as media art by re-issuing various contents as NFTs.

Perugia Corporation is developing a ‘photon space chain’ based on its deep know-how in distributed computing, and has blockchain technology that can be applied to various industries such as solutions based on logistics including finance and manufacturing.

In addition, it is actively carrying out various IT industries such as metaverse, big data, artificial intelligence, and new media along with game-related businesses such as HTML5 games, mobile games, and game global publishing.

The collaboration between Perugia Corporation, which has blockchain capabilities, Meta Treasure Island, which has NFT content, and the two companies is expected to bring the world of Metaverse closer.

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