Senior care platform Caredoc is one of the representative silver industry startups in Korea. In addition to nursing and nursing matching, it is in the spotlight as a professional and high-quality senior life care service such as life care service, visiting rehabilitation exercise, and visiting nursing care center.

CEO Park Jae-byung, the head of Caredak, watched the reality through his mother’s sacrifice for family care and volunteer work for the elderly as a child and captured the limitations of the senior care system in Korea. Based on this experience, the project began in earnest in 2018 to improve the inconvenience of the existing care industry, and various solutions are being applied to the project, starting with the “Finding Nursing Facilities” service that can check nursing facility information and ratings using public data.

Since then, it has expanded its scope to a platform that combines technology and data to expand the offline-oriented care industry online to lead digital growth. In addition, for the first time in the industry, the profiles of caregivers and caregivers were disclosed, as well as measures to reduce the burden on customers while maintaining service quality through 24-hour matching, fast matching, and nursing cost reconnaissance.

In addition, the company focused on securing a healthy care infrastructure by improving the working environment of care coordinators (care caregivers, caregivers) by providing 100% of care coordinators’ annual safety insurance and providing “postpaid professional liability insurance.

This differentiated business direction of Caredoc led to rapid growth, achieving sales three times higher than the previous year in the first half of this year. The cumulative transaction amount is also expected to more than double to reach the target of 120 billion won by the end of this year. In addition, the number of care coordinator subscribers and those subject to care also increased by 270% and 89.5%, respectively, showing high customer response.

In the second half of this year, it will finish attracting investment in Series B round, and focus on reforming apps and strengthening personalized solutions.

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