Aswemake (CEO Son Soo-young), a shopping startup in our neighborhood, announced on the 29th that it has succeeded in attracting 5 billion won worth of Series A investment.

This is a new follow-up investment made seven months after Accelerator (AC) New Paradigm Investment participated in the pre-series A investment attraction round in April. In addition, a number of new investors who sympathized with the pace of growth participated.

Aswemake’s participation in the Series A round investment was joined by Nanuri Equity Partners, Startup Research, Busan Bank, JB Investment, HGI, Philosophia Ventures, and Smilegate Investment as new shareholders along with follow-up investments from existing shareholders, New Paradigm Investments.

Established in November 2019, AsweMake is a startup that operates an online grocery day delivery service “Q Market” by connecting local marts and residents near marts.

Q Market is an O2O service that connects medium and large offline marts and consumers living in a radius of 3km, and uses the supermarket located in the center of the city as a delivery base to deliver them on the same day to my house after ordering.

Q-Market also operates “QMom,” a packaging agency brokerage service that utilizes local residents, and “Local Mile,” a delivery agency manpower brokerage service, so that affiliated marts can increase efficiency in the distribution and logistics areas. In particular, it is rapidly penetrating the market for digital conversion of offline marts, such as achieving 18 billion won in transactions in the first quarter of 22 years alone based on organic connections between the three elements of order, packaging, and delivery, and value chain solidification.

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