V2V has successfully completed its third investment since its establishment by attracting 9.5 billion won worth of Series A investment.

Existing investors, TBT and Humax, continued to make follow-up investments, while new institutions such as Smilegate Investment, Umi Global, The Wells Investment, and the Korea Credit Guarantee Fund participated in the investment.

To-Day, the optimal route courier service operated by V2V, is a courier service that solves the inefficient movement problem of the nationwide hub & spoke method commonly used in the existing courier industry with a new solution called “public logistics network.” The public logistics network is designed to apply the metropolitan bus public transportation network system to the delivery system so that goods can be delivered quickly through the optimal route without going a long way through the Mega Hub.

In the era of highly developed IT technology, there is no reason to receive goods delivered from the outside of the city to the inside of the city via Mega Hub the next day, said Kwon Min-gu, director of V2V. “Today’s delivery service was the first to implement optimal route delivery using the public logistics network, and we will quickly expand the service.”

“We watched the process of making a network called a public logistics network with advanced technology, which is difficult to implement, and paid attention to V2V’s potential,” said TBT Park, who continued to make follow-up investments. “We expect Today’s service to solve the problems of the existing logistics industry as well as expand the base of the delivery market.”

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