Viaze Korea, a travel platform operator, has joined hands with mobility companies LU Korea, SMK, and UPI Chain to mass-produce eco-friendly travel culture and contents.

On the 10th, Viaze Korea announced that it recently signed a business agreement with LUL Korea, SMK, and UPI Chain for electric bicycle rental services in Bali, Jeju, and Gangwon-do.

Viaze Korea, which organized the project, has established and operated Viaze Indonesia in cooperation with the Indonesian state government.

It aims to grow into a specialized blockchain-based global travel platform company by spreading Bali’s specialized travel platform to Gangwon and Jeju Island.

LUL Korea and SMK are companies that specialize in producing personal mobility such as electric bicycles and manufacturing secondary battery packs.

LUL Korea is constructing a production line specializing in the manufacture of secondary battery batteries and export of electric bicycles

It is the largest global personal mobility producer in Korea that is planning to invest 30 billion won by 2025.

Through this agreement, the two sides are planning to secure competitiveness not only in Korea but also globally, and utilize the features of blockchain technology by adding various functions.

“By introducing blockchain services to our personal mobility platform, we can provide better service to our users,” he said

We will do our best to successfully operate an eco-friendly travel platform in Bali through this project, he said.

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