CJ ENM announced on the 27th that it will acquire a minority stake by investing in “AmazeVR,” a VR content company that has VR technology based on due diligence.

Amaze VR is a technology company that has the technology to implement VR contents based on visual special effects (VFX).

CJ ENM expects to secure business opportunities by expanding various intellectual property rights (IPs) such as dramas and movies to VR contents through cooperation with Amazing VR.

Lee Seung-joon, co-chairman of AMAZ VR, a member of Kakao’s early business, Kakao co-founder Lee Je-beom, chief product officer (CPO), Nam Dae-ryeon, and general manager of development, were jointly founded in 2015 and are currently headquartered in Hollywood, the U.S.

A CJ ENM official said, “We can lead the new paradigm of the entertainment industry through collaboration with AMAZE VR, which is leading the industry’s innovation with unique premium VR content production technology. We will continue to invest to strengthen the company’s new growth engine and secure related technologies.”

Meanwhile, CJ ENM is speeding up its search for startups with related promising technology companies such as augmented reality (AR), VR, metaverse, and NFT to diversify its business.

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