Web3 Bugbounty platform Imunefi has received $24 million (about 34 billion won) from big investors such as Samsung Electronics and Polygon.

On the 22nd (local time), Immune Pie announced on its official media that it has attracted $24 million in investment in the Series A round.

This round was led by Framework Ventures. Samsung Next, Electric Capital, Polycon Ventures, P2P Capital, North Island Ventures, Third Prime Ventures, Rattis Capital, and Stratos DiFi participated as investment companies.

ImmunePie is a platform that connects white hackers with web3 projects, including decentralized finance (DeFi, Diffie).

According to the company, more than 300 projects, including Chainlink, wormhole, Makerdao, Compound, and Sethics, are using the platform. So far, Immune Pie has paid $60 million (about 84 billion won) in rewards to white hackers.

Immune Pie plans to use the funds secured this time to expand its workforce and upgrade its platform to cope with security demands.

“We can protect billions of dollars in user funds by providing incentives to white hackers,” said Mitchell Amador, CEO of ImmunePie. “Projects are also being swayed by hackers and realize that it is better to use ImmunePie than to pay.”

Meanwhile, the proportion of the DiFi platform in cryptocurrency hacking cases continues to increase. In August, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) also publicly warned that Defi was targeted by cybercrime.

Demand in the security sector is also growing as hacking damage increases. Neil Dundon, founder of Cryptocruit, a recruitment platform specializing in cryptocurrency, explained that the demand for security audits for smart contracts has soared due to the rise of Depi.

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