Blockchain platform specializing in bi-bit and platform

Global digital asset exchange Bybit specializes in online and offline payments

It was announced on the 22nd that it will list KON Coin of KONPAY, a blockchain payment platform.

KON coins will be used in the Conpay network and will also be used for payment and payment purposes.

Conpay uses the payment app (iOS, Android) to allow network users to send and pay P2P,

In addition, we intend to provide an integrated blockchain-based payment service so that the merchant’s simple payment function can be used more cheaply and efficiently.

Conpay provides franchisees with services that can settle faster than the settlement period of the existing payment structure.

While the settlement cycle of existing payment services takes about two days or more, Conpay can achieve more than three times faster settlement speed by utilizing smart contracts.

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