Boryeong (formerly Boryeong Pharmaceutical) announced on the 8th that it successfully held the ‘1st CIS Challenge’ presentation event (Pitch Day) to find human health care solutions in space.

Boryeong is currently working on the CIS project since 2020 with the goal of leading the world’s untapped space healthcare industry, and the CIS Challenge is its first project.

The first competition was organized to find solutions to various problems that may arise in space in the future with the creative ideas of each team by gathering space healthcare start-ups from around the world.

At the UCLA conference hall of the University of California, USA on the 5th (local time, 2 p.m. on the 4th), 16 teams from eight countries (US, Belgium, Singapore, UAE, UK, Israel, Italy and Korea) who passed the first document screening conducted the presentation respectively.

Also, the event’s co-partner, Axiom Space Kam Ghaffarian, chairman of the company, and Starburst aerospace startup accelerators Franois and Chopard, CEOs of the company, said in greetings, “The CIS project has its meaning and roles in each company. I introduced you.

The participating teams then announced the ideas and commercialization of each team on healthcare in space and the business model and investment status.

Judges, including Professor Kim Kyu-sung, director of Inha University’s Institute of Aerospace Medicine, Professor Choi Hak-soo of Harvard Medical School, and Deputy Director James Hury of NASA’s Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH), evaluated the novelty of ideas, the possibility of commercialization, and the enthusiasm for the mission. I have selected eight teams to do.

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