“Efriend Point” will be introduced to the metaverse platform “Efriend” that can be sponsored by creators. The establishment of a so-called “economic system” that allows people to work and make money in E-friend. It is expected that ‘SK Coin (tentative name)’, a blockchain-based virtual asset, will also be introduced in the future.

SK Telecom announced on the 5th that it has carried out a large-scale service update, such as strengthening the metaverse ecosystem centered on creators by operating the economic system in earnest on the metaverse platform Efriend.

Through this regular update of Efriend, ▲Efriend Point, which can be compensated for participants and sponsored by hosts, ▲Efriend PC beta version, ▲Lounge for first-time visitors to Metabus, and ▲Efriend Studio, which can produce my own avatar costumes.

Starting with this regular update, SK Telecom plans to carry out a total of three large-scale updates within this year. The plan is to increase service accessibility to first-time visitors who are unfamiliar with Metabus and strengthen the service so that existing users can feel more fun and interest in the Metabus space.

‘Efriend Point’, in conjunction with future virtual assets

The most interesting part of this update is the introduction of “Efriend Point” within “Efriend.” The company explained that the introduction of this point has taken the first step toward establishing and revitalizing the metaverse economic system ecosystem.

If anyone achieves a set mission, such as accessing a specific time zone and using various functions within the E-friend, they can earn “E-friend points” with ▲ attendance compensation ▲ daily compensation ▲ surprise compensation.

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