Samsung Electronics announced on the 12th that it has opened Samsung Space Tycoon, an experiential virtual space, on the metaverse platform Roblox.

The space is designed to provide young customers, including Generation Z, to create and enjoy virtual Samsung Electronics products in a metaverse environment and to strengthen communication with consumers.

Samsung Electronics decorated the space using the form of a management simulation game (Tycoon). In the space set in the Samsung Space Research Institute, where aliens study new products, participants can discover resources, change Samsung Electronics’ products from smartphones to various home appliances, purchase or upgrade game items.

In fact, Samsung Electronics’ foldable phone “Galaxy Z Flip” will be transformed into a bag or scooter, and a “jet bot” cleaner will be transformed into a flying hoverboard. On top of that, participants can experience a variety of experiences, with lifestyle TV “The Vertical” being used as a single helicopter.

Samsung Electronics released Space Tycoon in 14 languages including Korean, English, Chinese, and Spanish at the same time. In addition to the game, functions such as dance parties and customer events will also be held.

Kim Jin-soo, vice president of Samsung Electronics’ Design Management Center, said, “We have produced Samsung Space Tycoon to become a playground where many customers can experience the infinite possibilities of virtual space,” adding, “We will continue to present contents that provide interesting digital experiences for future customers.”

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