The hacking of Gala Games, a U.S. blockchain game company, caused the price of Gala tokens to plunge 25.6%.

According to Coin Telegraph on the 4th (local time), the price of the Gala token plunged 25.6% from $0.0394 to $0.0293 for 2 hours and 10 minutes. The reason is that the bridge, a blockchain exchange channel, was hacked, causing a bug in which a large amount of cryptocurrency is produced. A large amount of cryptocurrency flowed into some exchanges, affecting other investors.

The situation began earlier in the day when a hacker hacked Gala. The hacker attacked the Pancake Swap, a cryptocurrency exchange, and created a bug that mass-produced without consuming PGAALA when exchanging money. He issued 27.8 billion pGALA (about 157.6 billion won) and distributed a large amount of cryptocurrency to the exchange. The supply of cryptocurrency has soared, causing prices to temporarily plunge.

Gala Games tweeted later in the day, “Many people are referring to terms such as ‘hack’ and ‘rug’ around the token, but this is not true.”

Gala Games confirmed that Ethereum’s Gala token and related assets are all safe. “For safety reasons, we will temporarily suspend our trading activities at Bridge,” Gala Games said. James Brink, general manager of Gala Games’ blockchain business, advised, “Don’t buy Pancake Swap’s PGAALA ‘for now,’ and noted, “We plan to issue a new PGAALA to replace the damaged token.”

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