NSN will expand its dominance in the macaron taxi market by developing a blockchain mobility platform.

NSN announced on the 16th that it has signed a three-way business agreement (MOU) with HDLABS and KST Mobility.

HD Labs is a blockchain technology company that provides solutions such as metaverse and NFT to companies and governments around the world. Currently, the M2E (Move to Earn) project ‘Stepwatch’ has been successfully launched, and the P2E (Play to Earn) project 3KM is about to be released.

NSN affiliate KST Mobility is a company that operates the industry’s second-largest “Macaron Taxi” with 12,000 affiliated taxis as of 2020. Major domestic conglomerates such as Hyundai and Kia Motors (12.38%) and NHN (5.03%) hold stakes.

With this business agreement, NSN plans to introduce WEB3 (Web3)-based blockchain technology to Macaron M in cooperation with HD Labs. WEB3 refers to a decentralized web format. Based on decentralization technology, it is evaluated as a key metaverse technology as a new type of web behavior model in which participants share profits.

NSN supplies peripheral devices such as servers and computers necessary for the development of the business. HD Labs provides Macaron M with development and consulting for incorporating WEB3-based blockchain technology. KST Mobility is in charge of operating the platform that has been completed. KST Mobility’s strategy is to differentiate Macaron M services by introducing token systems such as NFT.

As NSN has started developing its first blockchain platform through its affiliate KST Mobility, it plans to consider expanding into the metaverse business in the future.

An NSN official said, “This agreement will create a blockchain-based integrated mobility ecosystem where Macaron M users can use bicycle, kickboard rental, and car sharing services as well as taxis.”

He added, “Recently, the mobility field is also emerging to differentiate itself through the introduction of blockchain technology,” adding, “We will build a new profit model through Macaron M platform innovation.”

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