Nexon’s metaverse platform “Maple Story World” challenged global metaverse platform Roblox. Maple Story World is characterized by the fact that it can build a world using Maple Story IP.

Currently, representative metaverse platforms are Geppetto and Roblox. Roblox is considered a leader in global metaverse platforms beyond Korea. It is fun to build a world and make and decorate avatars. Nexon’s Maple Story World is also similar to Roblox, which can build a world and decorate avatars.

In response, Director Shin said, “During Maple Story World’s pilot service, Stymers uploaded videos calling Maple Story World ‘Jjab Blocks,’ but I don’t think Roblox is wrong.” “Roblox is a very good platform.” I think it’s great and attractive. “I think Roblox is the only place that currently serves this much infrequently,” he said.

“We want to differentiate ourselves with different visuals,” he said. “I think we can make fun of it with a much simpler sense of operation by taking advantage of the advantages of horizontal scrolling and 2D.” I think the IP and Asset we provide are also differentiating points.

MapleStory World currently consists of 2D lateral scrolls. I was worried that it would be difficult to reach young users, but it is receiving good responses from young users who have actually experienced it. The simplicity of 2D is comfortable for young users.

Director Shin said, “As Roblox, which is serviced in 3D, is gaining popularity, some people say that kids these days don’t do 2D,” adding, “But seeing students actually enjoy it, it’s not like that.” “I was really enjoying the world and avatar built in 2D,” he said.

“I think this is our strength,” he said. “If we build up our stamina step by step and go to a global company, we will be able to go to Roblox and the two major mountains around the world.”

Nexon plans to expand Maple Story World to global beyond Korea. The goal is to expand the creator ecosystem and establish itself as a next-generation metaverse education platform.

Finally, Director Shin said, “Maple Story World sees Nexon IP as a container that can hold all IPs. The first goal is to promote Nexon IP to the global community, he said. “We will make efforts to ensure that domestic programs, not foreign programs, are one of the pillars in domestic education.”

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