NFT technology applied VR Casino

Mituon announced on the 18th that it will make a full-fledged entry into the blockchain-based game business by combining Metabus and NFT (alternatively impossible tokens).

We will unveil a business model that upgraded the existing service Metabus Casino with the aim of 2022,

The company plans to lead the market with a blockchain game platform.

Mituon is applying NFT technology to VR Casino, the world’s first metabus casino launched in 2018, and is also promoting NFT in its global version of its game ‘Fullpot Holdum’.

In the overseas version of the Metabus casino, the ownership system that sells casino space to VIP users who play a lot of games

It plans to create its own casino space, operate the casino directly, set up game rules, and use various objects to implement my own casino.

In particular, we share the profits generated here with the company, and we can make profits by buying and selling casino space as virtual currency

We are developing a Play To Earn (P2E) business model.

For Metabus Casino, we plan to launch VR Market and 3D web browser versions.

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