Attention to related cryptocurrencies ahead of the World Cup…”Fan token will be popular”

Cryptocurrency (virtual assets) related to sports are drawing attention ahead of the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup, which will open on the 21st. FIFA has designated Algorand as the official publisher of the NFT, and Kronos held an NFT auction under the theme of the World Cup with Visa (VISA), the official sponsor of the World Cup. Motoki Yusuke, head of Northeast Asian business development at the sports-related blockchain platform Sociosdotcom, said, “CHZ also has fan tokens from the national soccer teams, so we expect it to be popular during this World Cup.”

14% less active daily address for Solarna…What is the increased number of users?

Cryptocurrency analyst Emperor Osmo analyzed the entire daily active address of cryptocurrency. Among them, Solana daily active addresses decreased by 14% due to the FTX incident. Meanwhile, AVAX (Avalanche), MATIC (Polygon), and OSMO (Osmosis) all saw a significant increase in the number of users last week.

“Uncertain accounting standards are an obstacle to companies’ NFT investment.”

An analysis showed that uncertain accounting standards are an obstacle to companies’ investment in cryptocurrency. Hashed Open Research held a policy seminar on the 18th under the theme of “The Future of Blockchain and the Internet.”Lee Jae-hyuk, a partner at Samil Accounting Corp., said, “In order to recognize assets and liabilities in financial statements, accurate value measurement must be preceded.” He also added, “Even if profits are made from NFT investments, it is difficult to reflect them in accounting, so there is no incentive for companies to invest or do business.”

Institutional investors are leaving Gemini

The staking service of the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini has been suspended. Genesis invested $175 million worth of derivatives in FTX-related accounts, but the funds were tied up as FTX filed for bankruptcy protection. Citing data from CryptoQuant and Nansen, Onchain Analyst The DataNard said that there have been $850 million worth of leaks in Gemini in the past 24 hours, excluding minor altcoins.

WeMix is the best?Inside the town of Daxa?

WeMade CEO Jang Hyun-guk said at a G-STAR press conference, “There is no possibility of delisting WeMix.” However, DAXA, which includes five domestic won market exchanges such as Upbit and Bithumb, announced, “We will extend the designation period of WeMix’s attention to check how inaccurate data were prepared and submitted and closely determine the seriousness of the error and its impact on market trust.” Earlier on the 27th of last month, Wemix was designated as an investment-oriented stock due to false disclosure of distribution volume.

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