open beta service for the “Lucky Poker”

Dragonfly announced on the 4th that it will launch an open beta service for the “Lucky Poker” P2E (Play to Earn) game developed by Big Man Games by the joint venture DF Chain.

The open beta service will be opened at 3 pm on May 5 at Infiniti Market, a P2E service platform of ‘DIFchain’.

‘Lucky Poker ‘ is the first global launch game of the P2E social casino title developed in Korea.

As well as traditional holder games with multiplayer Texas Holdum, which can be enjoyed with global users,

Sidengo, Omaha, Six Plus, Hazup and other poker games in various modes.

It also supports the vivid fun and community revitalization of Texas Holdham through regular tournaments and jackpot systems.

The winner will be given a large bonus, while giving all P2E users the opportunity to earn additional revenue and compensation for the play.

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