Aureum Planet, which services the personalized information curation platform “LINER,” announced that it has completed Series B funding worth 11 billion won.

The funding of this round vc investment and loans, made by the Korea Technology Finance Corporation. Vc cj investment of the involved with a lead new capitalists as the Bank. investment In addition, subsequent investment company as conventional investment partner, sl investment, Ventures, kb investment. In August 2020, Aureum Planet secured 5 billion won through Series A investment, and succeeded in attracting Series B investment and secured a total of 17 billion won in accumulated business funds.

The liner recommendation service, starting with assistant search and community features, such as utilities hairaiting management. In addition, the company explained that it has proven that it can expand rapidly in a short period of time in the global market by growing monthly active users by more than 33 times in a year.

After attracting this investment, Ohreum Planet will accelerate its product and business advancement as an information curation platform. . In the second half of the year, it aims to verify new businesses that allow liner users to subscribe to their curations for a fee. In addition, also plans to expand the business advertising business in the information curation platform.

“We highly evaluated the possibility that Liner will occupy a web curator position that curates high-quality productive content in the global market,” said Kim Kyung-sik, a senior judge at CJ Investment, who led the investment. “Aureum Planet’s strength is also an efficient team structure that operates fast-growing global services with a small number of people.”

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