Coin Telegraph reported that “Chinese IT giant Tencent is known to have closed one of the two NFT platforms.”

“Tensent shut down one NFT platform on July 1 and is struggling to protect the other. The company completely removed the digital collection section from its Tencent News application in the first week of July. The move came after the Chinese government banned the sale of NFTs to individuals.

Bloomberg said the High Court in England and Wales approved the process of serving NFT-type litigation-related documents through the head of the blockchain for the first time.

The decision resulted from a lawsuit against five cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, by Fabrizio D’Aloia, the founder of an online gaming company.

Earlier, Daloa claimed, “Someone stole two of his wallets stored in cryptocurrency and cashed them in Binance,” adding, “The exchange is obligated to take responsibility for preventing such criminal funds from being withdrawn.”

Accordingly, the court approved the transmission of litigation-related documents to the stolen wallet after NFT. This is to allow the plaintiff to directly sue the criminal. In addition, the court ruled that exchanges such as Binance were responsible for preventing the withdrawal of stolen cryptocurrency.

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