What is angel investment?

It refers to a form of investment in which individuals raise money to raise money to start a venture company and receive the price in stocks.

Usually, it takes the form of an investment club that collects and invests money. After raising corporate value through funding support and management advice, investment profits are recovered by selling stakes when companies are listed on the KOSDAQ market or mergers and acquisitions (M&A) with large companies.

If an investment is successful and the value of an enterprise increases, it can benefit more than a few dozen times, while if it fails, most of the investment is determined to be lost.
\ Angel investment method

Angel investment has direct investment and indirect investment methods.
1. Direct investment – Invest under your own responsibility through angel club activities where individuals directly contact and invest with companies, or gather together to share information and listen to corporate briefing sessions (IRs

2. Indirect investment – method of investing in an individual investment association (fund) formed by a group of not more than 49 individuals. The GP, who acts as a fund manager, is in charge of selecting investment targets.

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