Shiga University in Japan opened the Department of Data Science in April 2017 to foster AI talent.

In addition to science-related subjects such as statistics and programming, liberal arts-related subjects such as economics, ethics, and social psychology are taught here.

The professor, who heads the department, says that in order to foster true humans in the AI era, integrated education across liberal arts and natural sciences is necessary.

A total of 110 students entered the Department of Data Science, regardless of liberal arts and natural sciences.

In connection with non-life insurance companies, analysis courses using birth-related data were also held.

In March 2017, the city of Osaka held a presentation contest for middle and high school students under the theme of “Future Work.”

Here, a third-year middle school student named Taniguchi Karin, who proposed an “AI law expert,” drew attention.

The student’s argument that when AI causes crimes and accidents, laws and experts are needed to judge them, and unconstitutional examinations and trials should be conducted is quite specific.

He said, “A lawsuit about an accident caused by a self-driving car in the United States has become a hot topic

I couldn’t respond to the gold legal system, so I came up with this idea.”

Future young people will live in a society where humans and AI coexist.

Whether to use AI or to be used by AI, the future is to open itself.

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