CodeStates, an IT talent training startup, has opened the “Insight” page, a channel for providing job information for IT career conversion.

The “Insight” page is a channel that shares practical information such as industry trends and skills required by job to prospective digital talents with interest in IT jobs and willingness to challenge them. It is operated through the official website blog of CodeStates and plans contents directly from the internal brand communication team.

The opening of the “Insight” page was promoted as part of the expansion and reorganization of the official website blog and corporate branding. CodeStates not only contributes to revitalizing the industry by delivering job information, but also operates the channel with the aim of sharing career transition success stories and secrets to help prospective digital talents motivate themselves for new challenges.

The subject of the published article is selected in an independent-friendly manner. CodeStates identifies questions from bootcamp students or prospective students interested in the industry and major issues that are drawing attention from the IT job community, and produces and provides content that reflects them.

When dealing with expertise, experts inside CodeStates, who develop bootcamp curriculum, directly contribute or participate in the inspection to improve the quality of the article. Through this, it presents principles and learning methods in each research field such as machine learning, deep learning, and JavaScript, or delivers various contents such as essential knowledge, major competencies, and hard skills required by job, such as DevOps engineers, product managers (PM), product owners (PO), and data scientists.

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