A project has been launched to make code-generating artificial intelligence (AI) such as OpenAI’s “Codex,” DeepMind’s “AlphaCode,” and Amazon’s “Code Whisperer” open source so that anyone can use it.

Code generation AI creates code in various computer languages such as Python and JavaScript when you enter a command. It is in the spotlight for reducing development costs and allowing developers to do more creative work.

In particular, OpenAI’s Codex is considered a technology that can drastically change human life in the future because it creates code when a person orders it verbally and generates the entire programming code needed by entering only a part of the code.

However, most of these code-generating AI systems are restricted by system developers for commercial purposes.

The move to open-source code generation AI, which began this time, is aimed at allowing anyone to use such a system.

TechCrunch reported that the AI community Hugging Face and startup Service Now Research launched “Big Code,” a project to develop state-of-the-art code-generating AI in an “open and responsible” way on the 27th

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