Bithumb Economic Research Institute under Bithumb positively evaluated Ethereum’s future asset value.

If Ethereum’s merger with Beacon Chain is completed safely next month, it will emerge as a platform with growth potential.

According to the data released by Bithumb Economic Research Institute on the 16th, “It changes like this after Ethereum and Merge,” ETH cited a decrease in ▲ETH supply ▲ improvement in the number of treatments per second ▲ expectations for fee cuts as the reason for the price to rise by 84% compared to the low point per month.

Bithumb Economic Research Institute stressed that the environment in which ETH supply is greatly reduced after the merger of Ethereum will be an important change. After the merger of Beacon Chain, Ethereum will pay ETH, which is 90% less than now, as compensation. Accordingly, considering the amount of commission incineration, the ETH balance is expected to decrease by 1-2% per year.

Low transaction throughput, which is pointed out as a problem of Ethereum, can also be improved through mergers. Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, who attended the Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) earlier this month, said, “After the merger, Ethereum can be expanded to 6,000 TPS through functions such as rollup and data compression, and fees will be reduced to $0.25.”

Bithumb Economic Research Institute said the merger of Beacon Chain will increase the value of Ethereum as a platform and strengthen its position as an attractive asset with limited supply. However, he pointed out that some ETHs tied to the mainnet may be withdrawn from the “Shanghai Upgrade,” which will be carried out after the network merger is completed, and partial sales may be made.

Lee Mi-sun, head of the research center at Bithumb Economic Research Institute, said, “ETH sales may be released after the Shanghai upgrade in the future, but if convenience upgrades such as commission cuts are carried out smoothly, concerns will only be short-term.”

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