Blockchain Game Pie Social Platform Ludena Protocol announced on the 3rd that it has signed a partnership with G4AL, a famous European blockchain game platform.

Through this partnership, the two companies aim to promote the development of their blockchain game platform ecosystem and P2E games.

G4AL is a blockchain gaming platform created by Candy Crush, a team of famous developers and game experts. The ecosystem consists of game development engines, lunch pads, software development kits, full stack exchanges and wallets, and there are $GGT tokens used in all games. The first game released by G4AL is a game called Element Raiders, which is set to be launched in September.

Ludena Protocol is known to be launching an open beta of “Canimals Clash,” the first game to be released as a game pie social platform that rewards game-related activities by onboarding blockchain games at the end of this month. A collaboration event to commemorate the partnership between the two companies will also be held this month.

In response, a G4AL official said, “The partnership with the Ludena Protocol will be a great help to enter the Asian market. “We hope that this partnership will create synergy ahead of the launch of the Element Raiders, filling many milestones ahead of time, and helping the Web3 community.”

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