According to data released by blockchain information analyst Arcane Research on August 24 (local time), the number of domestic users accessing Binance, an overseas cryptocurrency exchange, has reached about 9 million over the past three months.

Traffic is a word that refers to the amount of movement of information flowing in a specific transmission path of computer communication within a certain period of time, and generally refers to Internet usage.
The volume of ‘binance’ traffic by domestic users was identified as the 9th largest in the world. The total number of user traffic recorded in “Binance” over the past 90 days was 300 million, of which domestic users accounted for 3%.
Countries that showed higher traffic numbers than Korea in Binance included Turkey, Russia, Argentina, the Philippines, Brazil, Vietnam, Ukraine, and India in order.

Korea also ranked second in the number of visitors to the cryptocurrency exchange website over the past 90 days surveyed by “Acein Research.” In the statistics that converted the number of visitors to websites related to cryptocurrency exchanges as a percentage, Korea accounted for 6.51%.
The U.S. ranked first with 14.33 percent. Russia, Turkey, and Japan were found to be the countries that visited the cryptocurrency exchange website the most in the world, following Korea in order.

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