Cheil Worldwide, an advertising company affiliated with Samsung Group, announced on the 25th that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on the brand NFT business with its overseas irreplaceable token (NFT) exchange “Cyperly.”

Cypulli is a global NFT exchange introduced last month by Lambda256, a subsidiary specializing in blockchain technology of Dunamu. Dunamu and Lambda 256 established Upbit NFT, a domestic NFT exchange, last year, and introduced Cypully, an overseas exchange, to target the global NFT market this year.

Lambda 256 signed an NFT licensing agreement with NBC Universal, a global media entertainment company, for the famous animation ‘Voltron’. In addition, it is expanding its business by signing business agreements with webtoon production company Y Lab and fashion tech company G-motion.

Based on this MOU, Cheil Worldwide plans to plan and produce NFTs of advertisers’ brands, and Cypally will be in charge of developing and operating NFTs according to its own platform. In addition, the two companies plan to introduce new types of NFT products and promote various marketing and IP businesses based on them.

As Cypully is a global exchange operated by the U.S., Cheil Worldwide will involve not only its headquarters but also overseas subsidiaries and subsidiaries in the business partnership. Cheil Worldwide currently operates corporations in 45 foreign countries and has nine overseas subsidiaries.

An official from Cheil Worldwide said, “We plan to continue to develop NFT business capabilities through partnerships with companies specializing in NFT fields such as Cypulli.”

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