Since last year, the Gyeonggi Economic and Scientific Promotion Agency and the Gyeonggi Provincial Government

Private investment by selecting promising startups in Gyeonggi-do

Sponsorship type, securities type, writing type, etc. to help secure and enter the market

We are promoting a crowdfunding support project.

This time, KINTEX is linked to G Fair

The Demo Day was also held with startups

Networking with professional institution investors and

It was conducted with the aim of attracting follow-up investment.

Super Gap Startup 1000+ Project

System semiconductors, future mobility, big data, AI, etc

The government’s potential for future growth in the top 10 areas of the super gap

We’ve discovered more than 1,000 high start-ups

Public-private partnerships for five years from next year to foster

Advanced Future Industry Startup Invests More than 2 trillion won

I have announced a development strategy project.

In addition, we decided to support technology advancement and product commercialization.

Start-ups to Stop the Climate Crisis

State of Venture, which was recently released by CB Insight

According to the report, the startup that attracted the highest investment in the third quarter of this year

Climate technology startup Northbolt

Next, a startup that attracted a lot of investment

Climate technology startup Terawatt Infrastructure.

Climate Tech to Stop Global Warming

Investment in companies is on the rise.

China’s Fierce Electric Vehicle Market

Tesla in the U.S. and Villadi in China

and the Russian-Ukraine war

China’s Electric Vehicle Start-up Raises Electric Vehicle Battery Prices

It works against Wei Lai, Xiaofeng and Li Xiang

These shares have fallen sharply.

In response, the Chinese government wants to increase the competitiveness of the electric vehicle industry

It said it will expand support such as tax-free policies.

Fostering LG Electronics’ B2B business

LG Electronics has B2B businesses such as Agos Vision and Invis

6 innovative specialized technologies in the field

Start-ups are selected as partners

Announcement of the results of verification of commercialization of ‘Business Novator 2022’

They are planning to do a joint study based on it.

Grow new with promising startups

It says it plans to foster power.

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