FTX, a virtual asset exchange that applied for bankruptcy protection in the U.S. court, owes more than 4.1 trillion won to 50 top creditors.

According to FTX’s list of creditors submitted to the Bankruptcy Court in Delaware on the 20th (local time), the debt owed to the top 50 unsecured creditors amounted to $3.1 billion (about 4.16 trillion won).

The debt owed to the No. 1 creditor was $226 million (about KRW 303.5 billion), and the debt to the top 10 amounted to $1.45 billion (about KRW 1.9 trillion).

FTX did not disclose the names of these creditors. However, it is reported that individual or institutional customers who were involved in the incident and suffered damage.

FTX presented the number of creditors as 100,000 when it filed for bankruptcy protection on the 11th, but three days later, FTX lawyers reported to the court that the number of creditors could exceed 1 million.

FTX, which is grasping the debt status, is also preparing to sell or reorganize some businesses through global asset evaluation.

John J. Ray III, a restructuring expert who served as FTX’s new CEO, said in a statement the previous day, “After reviewing it over the past week, it is fortunate to know that several subsidiaries inside and outside the U.S. have payment capabilities and valuable franchises on their balance sheets.”

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