Japanese Visitor Visas Resume to Be IssuedSales of Iscasino are expected to increase. In fact, Japanese casino VIPs have been driving casino sales since July.

According to Japanese game company Segasami Holdings on the 18th, Japanese casino VIP customers recently visited Korea and it is a paradiseCasino performance such as IS is expected to expand.

Segasami Holdings has established a partnership with Paradise. It’s a paradise in Yeongjongdo, IncheonThis city is a Korean paraParada, a joint venture between Isu and Segasami Holdings in JapanIt is a complex resort run by Issei Sami. Paradise mainly operates foreign casinos and hotels in Seoul and Busan, and Segasami operates games and animation, manufacturing pachinko and slots, and resort businesses in Japan. The share ratio is 55 to 45.

Segasami Holdings has seen its sales increase as Japanese casino VIPs visit KoreaIt is expected that S’s performance will improve. This is because the Japanese route resumed last month, starting with the Gimpo-Haneda route in June. In September, a steep recovery is expected as Busan, Japan’s Narita, Fukuoka, and Osaka are connected.

Earlier, Paradise’s second quarter performance is also positive.

Paradise’s sales by sector in the second quarter were 28.8 billion won for casinos, 28.4 billion won for hotels, and 45.2 billion won for complex resorts. The casino sector fell 5.8% year-on-year, but casino sales grew 296% year-on-year as Japanese casino VIP customers entered the country in earnest as of July. Hotels and complex resorts increased 31.4% and 42.2%, respectively.

Lee Nam-soo, a researcher at Kiwoom Securities, said, “Reflecting the gradual improvement in Japanese VIP customer entry from June, this trend will continue until a significant VIP recovery level is achieved. Operating loss of 46.1 billion won in the first half and operating profit of 37.8 billion won in the second half is expected to be raised.”