Hyundai Department Store Duty Free announced on the 1st that it will introduce a new map of the virtual duty-free shop “Mystery Airport” in the metaverse platform ZEPETO.

The new map is an upgraded version that adds virtual stores of the actual duty-free shop brand as the official map of the “Hyundai Department Store Duty Free” virtual shopping mall in Geppetto became very popular ahead of “Mystery Airport,” which embodies the airport departure in Geppetto.

“Mystery Airport” consists of a shopping zone where you can enjoy virtual duty-free shopping, a game zone where you can enjoy games, and a public zone where you can check promotions.

In the shopping zone, you can meet virtual stores for each brand, such as MAC, Musinsa, and Jeonggwanjang.

Mac decorated the virtual store with the concept of “Backstage Beauty Live Broadcasting Space,” Musinsa “Black and Hip Stadium” where you meet your lifestyle, and Jeonggwanjang “Special Forest where Jeonggwanjang Ginseng Grows.”

Hyundai Department Store Duty Free will also provide mini-game services through travel carrier items presented to customers who visit all three virtual stores in the “Mystery Airport” shopping zone.

Hyundai Department Store Duty Free will operate an offline pop-up zone that implements a virtual duty-free “Mystery Airport” at Sungshin Women’s University Store, a self-photo studio “Life Four Cut,” for a month from the 29th.

Customers can directly experience the virtual space built in Geppetto at the pop-up zone set up at the Sungshin Women’s University branch of Life Four Cut.

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