WeMade Play has grown into its main business for casual puzzle games, including ‘Anipang’. RPG succeeded in building its own market in the strong domestic market.

Since then, it has continued to invest in securing developers targeting global markets, and it has announced full-fledged business development in the second half of this year.

In fact, Wemade Play has been seeking to enter the global market early on. In the preparation stage, results were also made.

In the first quarter of last year, the proportion of mobile game sales overseas exceeded that of Korea, recording 60%. This is the result of reflecting the performance of subsidiaries Playings and Fleischer.

Playlings is a development subsidiary that was launched in April last year. It is dedicated to developing social casino games aimed at the global market.

On the 5th, the new work “Slotmate” was introduced in four Asian countries, including Japan, to mark the start of the second half of the business. It acquired Fleischer in October last year and added momentum.

The company is providing ‘Locken Cash Casino’ to about 8 million users in 238 countries around the world.

Global service capabilities secured through investment and acquisition are expected to bloom when they meet with blockchain.

In particular, the outlook seems bright in that it has know-how in social casino game services that are difficult to enter the market.


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