Naver D2SF announced on the 1st that it has made a new investment in HR Tech startup IT&Basic (CEO Min Kyung-wook).

IT&Basic is a startup that focuses on People Analytics in the field of HR Tech, which is centered on recruitment and collaboration tools. Based on data, it has developed ‘Sim Office’, an HR solution that provides teamwork consulting by analyzing the work tendencies of members of the organization. It is characterized by categorizing individual work tendencies into nine types and analyzing organizational characteristics and relationship patterns between members. After the analysis, it contributes to teamwork and organizational management by providing consulting on organizational growth strategies, collaboration and communication methods, etc.

Currently, IT&Basic has secured a number of companies and public institutions as partners, including NCsoft, Hyundai Department Store Group, and Jansen Korea, proving its high marketability. In particular, it has recently been introduced into Naver’s teamwork improvement program “Team [email protected] One” and is conducting a work propensity analysis program for executives and employees. A number of executives and employees who experienced the actual program praised it, saying, “I got help in team building because I could understand the work tendencies of my teammates.”

“Since COVID-19, companies’ organizational and manpower management needs have grown, and the global HR tech market is growing rapidly,” said Yang Sang-hwan, leader of Naver D2SF. “IT & Basic is a team that has succeeded in commercializing products by quickly capturing market trends and corporate demand.” We are building meaningful references based on excellent execution, so we expect them to grow even more.”

Min Kyung-wook, CEO of IT & Basic, said, “It is more meaningful to provide solutions to Naver along with attracting investment,” adding, “We will upgrade data analysis in the future and build data-based HR SaaS.”

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